Going on a date with that special someone is always thrilling, regardless if this is your first time out together or not. The truth is, you expect every date to be unique, and in your mind, you picture yourself as you surprise your loved one with gifts, dream trips, etc.

Yet, there are times when coming up with something original is not so easy. And so, Gentleman Within presents a long list of the best date ideas ranging from fun and romantic, that every guy (or gal) can benefit from knowing.

In this article you will find a curated list of the best romanti date ideas, arranged into 6 different categories. 

In particular:

  • Best Romantic Date Ideas
  • Best First Date Ideas
  • Best Second Date Ideas
  • Best Fun Date Ideas
  • Best At-Home Date Ideas
  • Best Teenage Date Ideas

We organized each category into its own subsection. This way, you can just focus on the ones you are interested in and skip the rest. 

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And now without further ado, let’s dive in!

Best Romantic Date Ideas

Let’s start with tips to create the perfect romantic date. In this section, we listed a few classic ideas. To make it unique, though, we added some extra flavor. 

Do you think these options are too predictable? You may be right, yet there is a chance you didn’t consider these. And remember that most of the times, the simplest ideas are the best ones. 

1. Enjoy the view of a hot air balloon ride

If your sweetheart loves to whisper that she wants to fly away with you, then this is the best and most magical gift you could ever give her.

hot air balloons over canyon date idea

First, it allows you to prove to your partner that you listen to everything she says. Second, you will show her that you are ready to make her wishes come true regardless of how much it may cost. Third, everyone loves to enjoy the view from an unconventional viewpoint. 

You can opt for a hot air balloon ride anytime during the day. In our opinion, though, doing it in the late afternoon (golden hour) is the most romantic option. If you choose to do this right before the sun sets, we suggest wearing a coat or jacket. Yes, even in summer.

Pro tip: Bring a bottle of fine wine with you to surprise her. Not only will it make your lady smile, but it will help you guys to stay warm.

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2. Go stargazing 

Since this is an undeniable date night classic, we don’t have to say much about it. The reasons we decided to include it among the best date ideas are basically twofold. For starters, looking at stars is free. Moreover, you can do it anywhere: on a beach, in your garden or on the top of a hill.

male and female couple stargazing date

If you want to engage in stargazing, forget downtown. We agree: looking at stars while sipping on wine in Manhattan sounds cool. Yet, in the city, there is too much light pollution. Thus, most of the stars can’t be seen from there.

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3. Organize a wine tasting experience

We know what you’re thinking, “Cool! I’ll close my browser window and call the most expensive wine bar in town. Anything to make my lady feel special”. True, sipping fine wines in a chic wine shop is intriguing. Yet, with some extra effort, you can make it even better. 

wine tasting date idea

For example, you can arrange a one-day visit to an exclusive vineyard. Bonus points, if next to the location is a hotel that features a spa and heated pool.

Another option? If you don’t know much about wines (but are eager to learn more), you can enroll in a wine tasting class. This way, you’ll be doing more than just delighting your taste buds. And maybe you’ll have something to brag about to your friends at your next dinner party.

4. Invite your significant other to a sunrise concert 

This is something peculiar. Yet, there are many pianists who love to organize these concerts. And we believe there aren’t any romantic dates that can beat this one.

Think about it: you hug your partner while the music drifts through the air and the city awakens. Can you imagine a prettier picture?

5. Spend time by a bonfire

smores by the fire date idea

In our opinion, listening to music early in the morning can only be compared to spending the night together with cozy blankets by a toasty fire while roasting marshmallows or better yet, making s’mores as you can never go wrong with s’mores by the campfire on a cool autumn night.

6. Get hitched!

Not for everyone, but for those who are daring and bold. Once again, we aren’t saying anything new. However, getting hitched isn’t as easy as you think. You have to check the weather forecast, your schedule and hers. Also, you may want to consider telling those friends who love to show up unannounced.

An elopement can be arranged with any means of transport, but we believe by plane is the best option. To begin with, it allows you to reach faraway destinations in no time. In addition, you don’t have to worry about traffic. 

man and woman getting hitched date idea

If you are not very good at scheduling, you have two possibilities. Option number one, you go to the airport and buy the ticket to the cheapest destination. Option number two, you pick the car and drive. 

Did you opt for the car? No worries, you can still organize an unforgettable elopement. How? Pick up your other half after a stressful day at work and take her to the beach. Once you get there, enjoy the sunset and treat yourselves with a nice drink.

7. Go on a scenic hike or nature walk

Imagine this… Picture you and your date on a scenic hike, surrounded by nature’s beauty. Away from the city chaos, it’s just the two of you, soaking in the tranquility. The peaceful setting creates this magical bubble where you can connect deeply, sharing stories and laughter without any distractions.

And guess what? Hiking gets those endorphins flowing. So, while you’re marveling at breathtaking views, you’re also feeling more connected and attracted to each other. It’s like a natural mood booster for your date!

tip 8 get fresh air hiking trail

And this isn’t just a walk in the park – it’s an adventure waiting to unfold! Discovering hidden trails or stumbling upon a stunning vista together adds an extra spark. Plus, being unplugged from screens gives you both the chance to dive into meaningful conversations, really getting to know each other in a whole new light.

So, think about it, the beauty of nature, a dash of adventure, and all those intimate moments in a serene backdrop – sounds like the recipe for an incredibly romantic date, doesn’t it?

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Best First Date Ideas

First dates are very delicate, especially if you do not know each other very well. In particular, you shouldn’t arrange an overly romantic date because the risk is to make the other party feel trapped. On the other hand, it shouldn’t be lifeless either because that might cause an awkward situation.

How to sort it out? With our date ideas list!

8. Have a brunch

Going on a brunch date is the same as going on a dinner date. However, since it is during the daytime, the atmosphere is more relaxed. 

brunch flatlay date idea

How do you make it even more comfortable? Opt for a casual setting. This way, it will keep things light and fun, plus you will more than likely be more willing to open up to each other. 

9. Grab a coffee or tea

Picture this… you and your potential flame sipping on a warm cuppa joe or a delightful tea blend in a cozy coffee shop. This date idea? It’s the OG of low-key cool! Why? Well, it’s casual, so no need to stress over formalities or extravagant plans.

Think about it – this setting’s like the perfect conversational playground. You’ve got that chill vibe for a chat without the loud distractions. Plus, if things aren’t clicking, it’s totally cool to wrap it up after one cup, no pressure!

Bonus: it’s budget-friendly. You won’t be shelling out big bucks for a fancy dinner. Instead, you can focus on getting to know each other over a cup of goodness. It’s all about creating that comfy, relaxed space to connect without any date jitters.

So, if you’re all about easy-breezy first dates with a side of awesome convo potential, a coffee or tea date is your go-to move. Cheers to making meaningful connections, one cup at a time.

10. Try restaurant hopping 

When you go on a date for the first time, you often go out to dinner. How to spice things up? With restaurant hopping. You can start the date in an elegant wine shop and toast to your night out. 

Then, take a walk and choose the restaurant where you will dine. Remember, the idea is hopping from one place to another, so pick light courses only. Once you’re done eating, take your (potential) special someone to the best bakery in town.

This may be a very original date if she is from out of town. If you are from the same town, inquire about the places she has never been to and arrange accordingly.

11. Go to an art gallery

Are you wondering why we included this one in the best first date ideas list? Well, there are many reasons behind it. For starters, if your date loves art, she will be impressed by your choice.

Second, since you’ll be focused on the artwork, the silence will not be as awkward. And if you comment on each piece, there is a chance that there won’t be awkward moments at all. Third, it allows you to expand your knowledge and share your thoughts.

art gallery louvre date idea

Pro tip: if you notice the gallery organized an exhibition of her favorite artist, choose that one and ask her if she can be your guide for a day. Listening to her will allow you to learn more about her and create a connection.

If there aren’t any intriguing art exhibitions in your area, you still have an alternative: go to a museum. We’re not talking about the natural history museum or the World War II museum. 

Instead, you should consider unusual places. Is there a comic book museum you’ve always dreamed of visiting? Then now is the right time to get your tickets!

12. Meet at the aquarium

If you’ve been surfing the internet, you may have noticed other articles suggest going to the zoo. However, we believe that captive animals are really a sensitive topic. That is why it is better to opt for something soft, especially on the first date. 

girl at aquarium date idea

Visiting the aquarium could be a happy medium. For starters, aquariums have pretty big tanks, which allow animals to move freely. Moreover, these days many places only house animals with particular stories. 

Finally, we believe that whales and colorful fishes can make an impact. Yes, even more than lions, tigers and bears (oh my). Our suggestion? Before you book, inquire about their business ethics.

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13. Go to the flea market

Going shopping usually makes people happier. The flea market has several strong points: first, you’ll be able to take a relaxing walk in the city center.

Second, if she likes to bargain, she will be happy with your choice. Third, at flea markets, you can find tons of fun items. And that can lead to many great conversations. 

14. Go to the dog park

If you both have dogs, you can combine business with pleasure. Why do we think walking your dog should be included in the list of best date ideas?

Well, first and foremost, you will make your four-legged friend happy. And second, you’ll be able to enjoy a walk in nature and have a chat with your date. 

dog park date idea

Are you wondering how to start a conversation? Begin by talking about the way you cuddle your dog. When you notice the mood changes, you can try something more romantic. 

Don’t have a pet? Then go to the biggest park in the city. Spending some time out of the chaotic rhythm will allow you to slow things down and enjoy your date more. 

15. Take a meditation class

Earlier on, we said that one of the worst things ever on a first date is an awkward silence. True, to reduce downtime, you can opt for dynamic activities. But there are other valid options too. For instance, you can take a meditation class together. 

meditation mindfulness zen stones

Some more strong points about this kind of date? First, meditation will help you deal with stress and pressures of daily life. And second, if you both had fun doing this, you’ll be chatting non-stop after class.

16. Go to a live comedy show

Memorable dates are the ones where you laugh a lot. If you’re worried because you’re not good at making jokes, we have good news for you. You don’t have to be the one to spice up the evening. 

In fact, you can simply go with your date to a local comedian’s live show. Guaranteed success!

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Best Second Date Ideas

In a way, second dates work like first dates. The difference is that even though you don’t know much about each other, you trust each other a little more. Therefore, you are willing to open up. 

Not really sure about the next move? Here are some of the best second date ideas.

17. Play truth or dare

Some people say that you definitely should try this activity during your first date. However, in our opinion, Truth or Dare is a peculiar game, so if you want to propose it, you’re better off waiting for a second night out.

In fact, on this occasion, the awkwardness will be overcome, and you will be ready to ask and answer questions more naturally.

18. Have a picnic

Are you tired of dinner dates? Then go for a picnic. It’s a tried and true classic date idea.

picnic date idea

Remember, it’s not about the food. Instead, the focus is on spending time in nature with your potential partner. All you have to do is breathe fresh air, enjoy the sunshine and quietly chat with her. 

19. See a live concert

Music is a universal language. Therefore, taking your date to a live concert could be the best idea ever. However, there may be some issues.

live concert date idea

For instance, if you go to an acoustic concert, you can talk, etc. But if you go to a rock concert, things might be different. Alas, you can still enjoy the music! We recommend planning for lunch before the concert or dinner after the concert where you can actually engage in conversation if this is the case.

20. Go to a sporting event

Going to a baseball game with your new love interest is a tried and true classic. While you may love baseball, however, we think that livening things up by going to a college match can be much more intriguing. 

Many universities around the world, in fact, host pretty fun tournaments. Some examples? In Oxford, they play Quidditch and underwater hockey! And in America you can always attend football and basketball games which are always exciting and full of energy.

21. Go ice skating

If you suck at it, then we bet you got scared. Relax, it doesn’t matter if you’re not that good. After all, skating is an excuse to stick close together. 

ice skating date idea

On the other hand, if you are a pro, this is the chance to teach her how to do it. Not only will you be the one guiding her, but you can encourage her and help her get over the fear.

Did you read this post in the summer and there aren’t any indoor rinks near you? No problem, roller skating is a good option too. Go grab your pair of skates and hang out with your new hot date!  

22. Go to a food festival

In our opinion, this is one of the best date ideas ever. After all, on these occasions, you are only supposed to eat. And you can have whatever you want. Yum!

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Best Fun Date Ideas

Ok, it’s time for “out-of-the-ordinary” fun date ideas, which are a nice mix of both romantic dates and teenage dates. Thus, if you are interested in these kinds of things, we suggest you have a look.

23. Go on a mystery dinner date

So you and your date are diving into a mystery dinner date – cue the excitement! Here’s the deal, you pick a random spot on the map or a cuisine that’s a total mystery, and that’s where the adventure begins.

Imagine the thrill of walking into a restaurant, not having a clue about the menu or the vibe. It’s like stepping into a culinary surprise party. Will it be Thai? Italian? Maybe something completely out of left field? The anticipation is half the fun.

table manners 101 hold wine glass by stem

Now, here’s the kicker, the element of surprise amps up the excitement. You’re both exploring new flavors together, trying dishes you might never have ordered otherwise. It’s all about those “aha” moments when you discover a new favorite or share a hilarious reaction to an unexpected dish.

And hey, even if the food doesn’t end up being your top pick, the shared experience of unraveling this delicious mystery is what makes it special. So, get ready to spice up your date night with a dash of mystery and a whole lot of culinary adventure.

24. Go horseback riding

Why did we include this among the best date ideas? For starters, it’s one of the most romantic things ever. Second, the surprise effect is guaranteed (well, if she’s a seasoned horsewoman, she might not be surprised, but this is the only case, we swear!).

horseback riding beach date idea

Moreover, this activity is suitable for both experienced riders and those who have never been on a horse. Finally, you can go horse riding anywhere: in the countryside, on the beach, etc.

25. Visit a bookstore

The challenge is to buy each other a book. Want to make it even more fun? Then opt for a neighborhood bookstore. This way, besides creating the right atmosphere, you will also help the economy of an independent store. 

bookstore date idea

This activity helps the couple in two different ways. On the one hand, it allows us to check if we know what our partner really likes. On the other hand, it helps us understand how our partner sees us. 

26. Sing your heart out at karaoke

This is the perfect opportunity to prove that you sing like Frank Sinatra…or maybe not. Remember, dating isn’t just about showing off how cool you are. In fact, the best dates are the ones where your partner proves they can laugh at themselves. 

27. Go to the amusement park

Why do we like it? To begin with, because it’s something suitable for all ages. In addition, during a date like this, you will never have to worry about awkward silences. 

amusement park date idea

If you’re feeling young and free, you can choose heart-pounding attractions. Do you prefer some privacy instead? Then pick the Ferris wheel and enjoy your ride!

28. Go mini-golfing

mini golf date idea

Going to mini-golf has its own strong points. For starters, it’s cheap. Moreover, anyone can play, even those who have never picked up a golf club. No matter how hard you try, everything ends up in animal-shaped holes? No worries, you are there to have fun, after all!

29. Take a dance class together

Another classic experience that we could not overlook. When it comes to dance classes, you have a few options. Option number one, you go to a group class. Option number two, you decide on a private lesson. Either way, you’re bound to have plenty of fun with a shared dance class.

This one is a great alternative to dance class. If you’re a solid couple, you can consider taking a workout class together. There is no doubt this is an occasion to get fit. Yet, there is something more than burning carbs. 

A workout class, in fact, is an excuse to help each other to perform the most difficult exercises. And to laugh together. Please note: helping your partner is recommended if you are informed about her physical condition only! 

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Fun Date Ideas At Home

Pandemics have changed all aspects of our lives, so much so that many couples prefer to stay home. Is it still possible to have a fun-filled at-home date?

The answer is yes, of course. And so we’ve put together a fun date ideas during lockdown list for you!

31. Taste something new

The challenge is to try new foods together. Start by writing down your eating habits, and then go grocery shopping. How to make it even more fun? Buy food for each other! 

Decide on an amount of money to spend and then go to separate stores. Once home, show each other what you picked out and start cooking dinner using those ingredients only.

32. Watch a TV show or movie

watch a show or movie date idea

Sure, it’s not all that original, but still classic nonetheless. You can opt for Netflix or something on basic television (is this still a thing?). Regardless of what you decide, modern tech has made it super easy to stream (at the same time) your favorite shows or that movie you’ve both been talking about.

33. Choose a cooking class

cooking class date idea

How to make your stay at home better? By cooking. And when you cook together, it’s even better. If you’re not a chef, there might be a chance that you won’t be able to complete the cooking class. However, (cliché as it may be) you can still use the dough for a food fight!

34. Decorate together during holidays

holiday decorating date idea

If Christmas is approaching, consider spending some quality time together decorating your shared space or if you live separately, you can decorate each other’s place. You can also opt for this date idea on other occasions, such as Easter and Halloween. Be sure to check out this related post on Halloween costumes for couples.

35. Cook sushi with one another

If you have ever cooked sushi, you may have realized that it is not as easy as it sounds. Being at home with your partner, though, can be an opportunity to give it another try. Buy all the ingredients, set the task, and start cooking.

36. Furnish your new office

Do you happen to be a freelancer or solopreneur who works out of his office? Here’s a creative idea for you. We know, moving into a new office is boring, and it can take a lot of time. First, you have to pack all your stuff, then you have to furnish it and find the right color to paint the walls, etc.

Yet, there is a way to make things more appealing, by organizing a date at the office with your partner. We are not talking about eating sushi while sitting on the floor. Instead, you should invite her to help you choose how to decorate the place.

furnishing office date idea

Ask her if this office is suitable for a couch or a sofa, where she would put them, and what colors go best for the space. If you’re wondering why this date can work? Well, it’s not a secret that many women love decorating. Plus they’re also pretty quick to create the perfect setup.

If this date sounds boring to you, you can liven things with an unexpected paint fight perhaps! Just one note: before inviting your lady or man in, be sure to cover the floor and walls with newspaper or plastic sheets. This way, you won’t create a disastrous mess.

37. Draw each other’s portrait

With this stay at home date idea, you can do your best Jack and Rose impersonation. If you can draw and create something beautiful in a short time, there is no doubt you will make her happy.

However, this is not meant to be for artists only. Even if you can’t draw worth a lick, it will still be a fun time regardless and it’ll be sure to elicit plenty of  laughs.

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Fun Date Ideas for Teenage Couples

Finally, some tips for younger people. You probably don’t need it, because when you’re a teenager, the simplest things are usually the best.

Still, when you run out of ideas, you know you can always refer to our list!

38. Play video games 

Nowadays, girls love playing video games even more than their male counterparts. Our idea? Invite her over to your house and pick out all her favorites. Then, challenge each other to the best score. 

playing video games date idea

The loser will have to arrange the next date! NGL, this is also a great date idea for adults too.

Here’s an underrated one. Imagine you and your date stepping into an arcade, greeted by flashing lights, the sounds of games, and a whole universe of fun waiting for you. It’s not just a date – it’s an adventure in pixels and joysticks!

Alright, game on! From classic pinball to high-speed racing games, there’s something for everyone. Get competitive with air hockey or team up for some epic co-op action. And hey, don’t forget those classic arcade treats – scoop up some tokens and dive into a whirlwind of excitement.

Here’s the best part, it’s a chance to let loose, be silly, and maybe even show off some mad gaming skills. Whether you’re cheering each other on or engaging in some friendly competition, the energy’s electric.

And guess what? It’s not just about the games—it’s about those moments of laughter, the high-fives after a win, and those “oh no, you beat me again!” reactions. An arcade date? It’s an explosion of fun, laughter, and a whole lot of playful bonding!

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